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Division West

Located in the town of West Hartford, Connecticut, Division West is the balanced combination of European bistro dining with casual American roots.  Draftsman designed the interior of the space, as well as named the restaurant.  Featuring fresh pastas and ingredient-forward dishes, the space is designed to be a social bistro with dining spaced focused around a large peninsula bar. Muted grays and blues are anchored by natural white oak flooring and ceilings with the occasional glimmer of hammered bronze and copper.



“Copper accents allude to the European ornamentation, but are hammered and worn speaking to the artesian quality of the homemade food.”

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-It Started With A Memory-


After a couple drinks, it finally surfaced. 

"Why are you doing this?  What is it that you really want to create for people?" I asked.

What followed was a description of a memory- the time that his mother was cooking in the kitchen when he was a boy.  The smells, the sounds of the pots clanging, the beat up kitchen table, all of these details meant "home" for the chef. 

It became our purpose to recreate this experience to share it with his guests in the best way possible.

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