A Design & Concept Studio

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The experience of a restaurant and hospitality environment should uplift and excite guests through a specific lens and point of view.

We work with our clients to capture the true essence of a story that defines the guest experience.

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design for the guest experience.

Hospitality is our purpose.

We work with our clients to craft experiences that resonate with their goals and their guests.

We design spaces by putting the guest first, creating experiences that leave them feeling inspired and well-cared for.

From opening a cocktail bar to redeveloping a warehouse, our clients are entrepreneurs and developers who want to dive deep on storytelling and design unique experiences for their guests.



Draftsman was founded by designer, David Pilkenton. David and his team work hands-on with clients to envision new environments that embrace hospitality.

Throughout his career, David has led the creative direction, design, and interior architecture for signature restaurants, bars, food halls, boutique hotels, and fitness and retail spaces across the United States, Caribbean, and Mexico.

From 5-Star Hotel Lounges to mom-and-pop bakeries, his designs can be found in both suburban developments and world-class properties in the United States & Mexico.

David is an NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer and holds a degree in architecture.

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