We treat design as the core, the starting point that informs and assists how a concept experience is defined.


design for food & beverage

Design plays an important and often overlooked role in the experience of Food & Beverage, connecting directly to the overarching concept of a restaurant or hospitality space. How food is plated and beverages are displayed ties directly into the offerings of a restaurant.


design for service

Many service elements can be easily enhanced to set the proper tone and create a greater sense of hospitality for guests. Anticipating guest needs and requests goes hand-in-hand with design and the ability to provide an elevated experience. Draftsman consults on how design can help shape and enhance the service experience of a restaurant.


design for ambiance

The ambiance of a concept is the most visually driven item that creates the remembered experience. From the lighting levels to the floor plan, Draftsman consults on the interior design elements that create the guest experience.